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AP Television Dohuk, Iraq - January 6, 2016 1. Various of women holding a cross, women kiss the cross 2. Various of women kissing the Bible in front of the altar Adabiq Maborosian conducting service 5. High shot of people listening to the prayers inside the church 6. Mid of Archbishop Adabiq Maborosian leading the service 7. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Adabiq Maborosian, Archbishop of Armenian Orthodox Church in the Dohuk region "They kept their traditional dresses, especially Christmas Christianity celebrates it on the day of December 25th, but they also celebrate with us on the 6th of January in what we call Baptism Day. Various of women singing 10. Various of Archbishop Adabiq Maborosian leading the service 11. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Sadia Rassan, worshipper: "Our prayers were also for the Iraqi army and the peshmerga to save us from this crisis. Jesus Christ to give his blessing to all these people, to us, to our church and to all the people in the world. 14. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Ishkan Sarkasiyan, 59, Administrative director of Armenians in Zakho: ++ AUDIO AS INCOMING ++ "14. Focus of candles 13. Various of people lighting candles and praying in front of the Virgin Mary. This year we reduced the celebrations to prayers in the church only. Regarding the ceremony, we did not respect the martyrs of the Kurdistan region. Those who have their lives for the safety and stability of this country. "

15. LEADIN: Armenians in the Northern Kurdish region of Iraq are celebrating Christmas Day. But the Christian is a little more experienced than usual in the region of current instability. STORYLINE: Worshipers stand in line to pay respects to the cross at a church in Dohuk. Today's service is one of celebration: it's Christmas Day. While Western churches celebrate the feast on December 25th, and the Orthodox Church on January 7th, these are Armenians. They celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ according to the Armenian calendar, despite being a very long way from their home country. "They kept their traditional clothes, especially Christmas, it's true that other Christian groups celebrate it on the 25th of December, but they also celebrate with us on the 6th of January in what we call 'Baptism Day'," explains Adabiq Maborosian, Archbishop of Armenian Orthodox Church in the Dohuk region. Approximately 10,000 Armenians live in Iraq, 3,000 in the Northern Kurdish region, according to Yarwant Nissan, Armenian MP to the Kurdish Parliament. Most of the time in Zakho, which has three Armenian churches. But this is a fourth - the Virgin Mary Church in Dohuk. And worshippers are praying for more than just the birth of Jesus. "Our prayers are also for the Iraqi army and the peshmerga to save us from this crisis and we ask Jesus Christ to give his blessing to all these people, to us, to our church and to all the people in the world," says 26-year-old Sadia Rassan. Instability in the region has affected today's service. The church has opted for a more modest Christmas celebration in the face of the ongoing fight against Islamic State activists. "This year we reduced the celebrations to prayers in the church." "We have been living for the safety and stability of this country." says Ishkan Sarkasiyan, the administrative director of Armenians in Zakho.

We are a faith-based dance school that provides excellence in Classical Ballet training within an encouraging and nurturing environment.

Mr. John is a retired Wildlife Biologist. Mrs. Ronda is a retired Prima Ballerina. Together, they have three children and three grandchildren.

If anyone is still out there, what if your husband is not Christian, rants daily against the church, against the Bible, against belief in God and Jesus, does not allow you to go to church or anywhere else for a brief coffee visit ', which does not allow for a deep enough friendship to be confiding, persuades and manipulates and criticizes, especially me his wife, so do not trust in my own judgment and feel my faith in God , I can not say I believe in Jesus and salvation. I made this the other day and thought, surely, now I would be justified in leaving. BTW, I have belonged to this narcissistic one on one cult for 30 years. kids are all grown. and soon it will be just he and I and all his hate. God help me!

I spend part of the day with my family. Last night Brother Jack was wonderful when we were able to spend time together as a family. She is saying if we get one instead of when we get one. Even though our short date is this Friday, I am not giving up because I know that our God can still work miracles. Jack will not want a divorce, she wants me back, but I think she wants to dissapoint her parents go back on what she said. She did not want me to leave last night. She wants me there so I just want to continue to believe that God is going to restore us. I can tell that the Lord is working in her heart right now more than ever before. She said that she wants to believe so bad that I'm here to stay forever, but she is scared. I told her I know that, but it is a new creation since God has given me a new love for me. For the first time I can see what scripture actually means. Because I am new in Christ and she is starting to see it. I pray that she will postpone the hearing or call it off all together. We are so great together, she said yesterday that she is just so confused. So I ask everyone to continue to pray for healing and restoration. I know and believe that Our God is bigger than all things. Thank you so much.

Marriage takes work. Let me recommend this movie that you can not change your marriage to your life and it's called "Fireproof" and I recommend this movie at: / Your church may have this church.

Hello Kate Thank you for your comment and question. You said he does not like your kids. Are they your not yours? Is he still being unfaithful? He does sound like a false convert (read 1 John chapter 3) for sure. If he is continuing in the adulterous affair and has done so many times and is now still in an affair then I would say you have biblical grounds. What did your pastor say about this? I know you do not know what you are doing. Has he scared your daughters? Do you think they would ever harm them? Does it drink or do drugs? Again, if his adultery is continuing, you have grounds according to the Bible but I hope that he is saved, that is if he repents and then trusts in Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit can change even to pagan king's heart (Prov 21: 1).

It also includes extensive study of math, science and technology. A quality liberal arts education embraces all of these areas, rejecting the popular currents of mathematics, mathematics, and technology.

For those interested, there is an extensive article on classical education on our website, but briefly, classical education places a great deal of emphasis on well-roundedness and the students' participation in the "Great Conversation" that has developed Western Civilization. The classical approach provides a broad-based liberal arts education with rich selections in the study of language and literature, chronological history, theology, and the arts.

We believe that our classical approach to education at NHCS provides the most systematic, holistic approach to primary education. Subject matters are aligned and integrated. God's truth is taught through all classes with intentional and thoughtful Biblical integration where possible. We believe that students in North Hills Christian Schools should be able to prepare for their lives and be able to learn more..

North Hills Christian School utilizes a classical curriculum model of education for our Junior Kindergarten through twelfth grade program. NHCS began a phased approach of instituting classical five years ago. While elements of the classical model exist within all grades, our current sixth grade is fully classed. Our lower school (Junior Kindergarten - 5th grade) is now fully classical. Although we will continue in the future, we will not be able to.

Back on October 9, 2013, he tweeted a post regarding girlfriend and dating life in which he says '' The pink reel #rome #cclown #girlfriend #jonmcxro #thepr #dabin The P.R ''

By early 2015, Yu Ba Rom changed his Instagram from @romecclown to @christianyu_ and took down all of his pictures from Instagram which hinted that Yu wanted to walk away from the group. And as a result, on October 2015, the K-pop group got disbanded.

Recently, on 21 April, he shared the picture of his mother with a Wonder Women.

Cystatin C inversely correlates with the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which is elevated levels of cystatin C decreased GFR. Cystatin may provide more accurate assessment of GFR for very obese, elderly, or malnourished patients than creatinine. Cystatin C equation does not require patient data, and can be used for those patients with this information unavailable.

You wonder how you will ever survive. You wonder if God can forgive you. You may even wonder if you really sinned. So many questions, and so many different answers.

And then there are those well-meaning Christians who want to know you have failed Christ by your divorce. They tell you that God hates divorce. They tell you that you'll be in love forever, you will always be living in an adulterous relationship, surely condemned to eternal hell. They tell you that you must stand in the gap, praying for reconciliation with your ex-spouse. That is your only option - other than remaining single for the rest of your life.

I understand. I entered marriage with a covenant mindset, with plans for death. Divorce was not an option for me.